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Episode 92: Securing a Seat at the Table With Minda Harts

This week, Mike has an inspiring conversation with mover and shaker Minda Harts.  Minda is on a mission to help women of color change their workplace experience, and enable “success partners” with key action steps. 

Minda is the host of the “Securing The Seat” Podcast, as well as the author of the best-selling book The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Know To Secure a Seat at the Table.

Minda shares many key insights during this short conversation, like:

  • What she learned early in her career to get ahead
  • How to change the way women of color define who they want to be at work (1:19)
  • How you can be authentic and thrive as a black or brown woman (3:03)
  • The tools you need to secure your “seat” in your own way (3:32)

With her business partner, Minda created the Career Platform for Women of Color, a career development firm created specifically to fill the gap of career development for black and brown women. (3:54)

They teach women key skills in “boot camps” such as:

  • Negotiation skills for equal pay
  • Public speaking and using your voice
  • Strategic networking

LISTEN NOW to find out:

  • How she became super successful despite everyone around her saying “it won’t work” (5:36)
  • What are “success partners,” and concrete actions they should be taking to be an active partner and mentor (7:40)
  • How to invest in yourself as your best asset (9:46)

Her mission is to help women of color define self advocacy and acquire the tools they need on their career journey. (12:20)

She tells her community to move ahead and step into your courage, “never looking in the rear-view mirror.” (15:11) 

LISTEN NOW to hear: 

  • What tools younger women of color need to incorporate into their career journey “toolbox” to secure the seat they want (16:13)
  • What women can do right now to “walk into your power” (17:41)
  • What success partners can do to intentionally to change how they engage during every part of the talent cycle to affect change (19:40)

“Intentionality is contagious” Mike Sipple, Jr. 

Both Mike and Minda implore everyone from women of color to success partners to do two things: 

  1. get out of their comfort zones, as well as take it one step further: To use the feeling of “uncomfortableness” as an indication that they need more education on the subject.  (24:27)
  2. Share this episode with friends, colleagues, and family so we can all create change, make a bigger impact in the community and the workplace.

Minda Harts

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