The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 89: Annual Roundup with Mike Sipple Jr. and Christine Lewis

In this episode, Mike reviews the amazing year that has come and gone, and shares his predictions about the incoming decade.  

He shares his personal take-aways and insights from a year of meaningful conversations, as well as the impactful work that the Talent Magnet Institute is doing.  (4:24)

“We are working with leaders who understand that the impact of aligning business strategy to people strategy and resources ultimately reaches beyond that and how we actually help leaders lead themselves and others.” (5:05) Mike Sipple Jr. 


  • What is the Talent Magnet Institute (it’s not just a podcast!) (3:40)
  • How Talent Magnet Institute is creating winning organizations (5:23)
  • What leaders need to be successful in relationships, work, community and life (5:30)
  • 3 keys to success (6:34)

Mike shares some inspiring stories of organizational transformation in which the Talent Magnet Institute is involved. (7:10)

Then, Mike reveals the secret sauce that makes the Talent Magnet Institute so successful (9:45) and how it came to be. (18:52)

Christine and Mike give a quick review of the key podcasts from this year, faculty episodes, a shout out to the many podcasts Mike learns from each week, as well as had the privilege to be a guest. (21:30)

One thing Mike points out as a key to success is leaders being honest about their organization’s culture.  “It’s not what you BELIEVE it to be,” but what it actually is and if that is aligned with your planning, values, and goals. (29:03)

Mike shares his 3 key insights about trends in talent for the coming decade and how to get a leg up on the talent shortage, (33:16) and shares his personal resolutions for 2020.  

We thank you for listening and subscribing every week, for your shares, comments and reviews.  We hope that this podcast inspires you to lead better in relationships, work, community and life. 












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