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Episode 88: Pop Your Bubble About Diversity and Inclusion with Wendy Dailey

Mike has the pleasure this week of welcoming Wendy Dailey, a fellow podcast host, blogger and Talent Strategist at Sanford Health based in South Dakota. Wendy is the creator and host of the HR Social Hour Podcast and The Wonder Woman Podcast, both focusing conversations about diversity and inclusion.  

In their short but meaningful conversation, Mike and Wendy discuss:

  • How the Wonder Woman Podcast got started (5:16)
  • What being called “colorblind” really means (10:46)
  • Recognizing diversity every day and understanding true inclusion (12:55)
  • What the difference between diversity, equity and inclusion actually is (14:43)

Wendy also shares what it really means to “bring your whole self to work” and how to create a safe environment for people to do that. (12:15)

She also shares her expertise with Twitter and Twitter Chats (16:24).  

Listen NOW to hear how to find some great conversations on twitter chats and how they have fun with HR topics. (17:32)

Wendy says that being authentic is the best way to show up on Twitter chats and she holds them monthly on the 4th Sunday of the month at 7 PM EST. 

Check all of her resources out at @wyndall93 on, #HRsocialhour,

Wendy Dailey


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