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Episode 87: Kevin Monroe on the Power of Gratitude and Purposeful Leadership

Mike’s guest this week is fellow podcast host, Kevin Monroe.  Kevin hosts The Higher Purpose Podcast.  In this conversation, they share business tips, transformational stories, and the power of gratitude.  

Kevin shares:

  • How to get subscribers on a new podcast (2:35)
  • Examples of how perspective and context changes your view of your personal journey (6:41)
  • His take on “servant leadership” being faith-based or not (11:31)

He also says we should be less “driven” and more “powered forward,” emphasizing that it’s not about “chasing” something but moving toward our calling or purpose. (12:19)

Kevin reveals the biggest myth about work, and how we can literally change communities, people’s lives and the future of families by changing the way we think about this one thing. (15:47)

This episode is full of heartwarming stories about how the smallest gestures can make a difference.  LISTEN NOW about the impact one cashier is making in a cafeteria hospital. (19:47)

Kevin calls these elevated transactional experiences as “encounters” to transform the way we view other people and connect.  He shares another story about the powerful encounter of a simple handshake and how it totally transformed one diplomat’s perspective. (24:38)

Mike shares his experience about participating in Kevin’s Gratitude Challenge and the power of gratitude.  

“We don’t see the world as it is. We see the world as we are.” (34:01)

Anais Nin 

“Gratitude takes us to a better mental space.” (36:23)

Kevin Monroe

Kevin shares one more story about how introducing a few minutes of gratitude before meetings at a manufacturing plant changed everything for that business. (39:57)

Kevin shares one more quote to close out the episode:

“You’re meant for more. Don’t settle for less.” (41:58)

Words to live by.  

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Kevin Monroe


The Higher Purpose Podcast

From Surviving To Thriving: The 10 Laws of Grateful Leadership *

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