The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 84: How Tara Noland Redefines The Role Of Mentors In Careers and Philanthropy

This week Jessica Baron, VP of Executive Search for Centennial Inc. talks to Tara Noland, Founding Executive Director of Greenlight Cincinnati.  They discuss the power of mentorship in unconventional ways.  

Listen to the episode now:

  • Hear how Tara teaches about what it means to be a good mentee and why you should have more than one mentor, (4:13)
  • What elements you should look for in a mentor, and 
  • How she uses social media to leverage business connections online. (7:21)

Tara shares her story about her career path and the insight it provided her as a young leader.  (10:20)

Then, Jessica and Tara discuss: 

  • What is  “disruptive giving,”
  • How it is empowering recipients of philanthropy to make their own decisions about their needs, and (13:57)  
  • The value of including diverse income levels in the conversation about community support projects. (16:36)

Hear Tara’s unique perspective on being a young leader and how she manages the pressures of leadership in the non-profit sector. (22:20)

Tara says on impactful work, “The best way to help a child is to help their mom.” (24:22)

Listen to the conversation NOW! 






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