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The Talent Magnet Leadership Podcast


Episode #185: The Great Realization to Prevent Resignation

On this episode of the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast Mike explores true leadership in light of the Great Resignation. He also discusses the Great Realization, and how leaders can use these principles to improve their leadership as well as create better environments for their employees.

  • Mike posits that the Great Resignation is happening because of the Great Realization:  people are taking stock of their lives and realizing that where they are is not where they wanted to be. They are changing jobs, and resigning because they're prioritizing their life goals, their families and their careers. [2:39]
  • If you influence people, you're a leader, and as a leader, people are watching how you respond to situations and problems. The pandemic has made this very clear, Mike says. The Great Realization has made us think critically about what we want to be doing, and who we want to be doing it with. We don’t want to work with leaders who aren't responsive and proactive. [6:43]
  • Mike talks about research papers on the Economic Drought from EMSI and The Global Workforce. Research has found that there are less people in the workforce now than years ago, and less people are looking for traditional full time jobs. [8:10]
  • Leaders nowadays - and especially in the future -  need to be more compassionate, empathetic and patient now. They also need to be more focused on their professional development. If you do not develop yourself as a leader, you cannot develop others. You need to recruit employees and build a pipeline, but most importantly, you need to create a culture where people want to work with you, and furthermore, stay with you. [13:55]
  • Leadership is a privilege and leaders must view it as such. You have the opportunity to help others realize their full potential and become their best selves. Be proactive when it comes to talent development. Create an environment where employees are valued and supported, not one where everything is a competition. Create fair and inclusive environments that invite people to bring their whole selves to work. [16:55]
  • Mike talks about the course on the Talent Magnet Institute's website that he created, that helps individuals better their leadership skills. [22:10]
  • At the Talent Magnet Institute, the goal is to build employers who create organizations that encourage their employees to bring their authentic selves. [26:06]
  • Mike's closing remarks are an encouragement to leaders to become more proactive, never give up, and make use of the tools and resources available out there to become the best leader they can be. [30:09]



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