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The Talent Magnet Leadership Podcast


Episode #180: Culturally Responsive Teaching to Broaden Perspectives with Jenn Kleiber

How does cultural responsiveness play a part in uplifting the leaders of the future? Jenn Kleiber and Mike Sipple Jr. share the answer on this episode of the Talent Magnet Leadership Podcast. Jenn is the founder of Pressing Onward, a company that focuses on equipping teachers to be culturally responsive. She is also an author, coach, educational consultant, and the host of the Teaching by Reaching and The Faith Filled Entrepreneur podcasts. Jenn and Mike have an exciting conversation where they explore what it means to be culturally responsive in the field of education, and how teachers can elevate and uplift the next generation of leaders.

  • Teachers need to be culturally responsive: this means that they need to reach their students with the whole child approach. Students bring different perspectives and experiences, and teachers should consider this in structuring their classrooms and in how they relate to their students and their families. The ultimate goal of culturally responsive teaching is to move all students - including those who have had a history of struggling, or who are marginalized - to a place of success. [4:12]
  • Pressing Onwards' has three main types of students as its target audience: students of color, students who are ESL, and students living in generational poverty. One of the main reasons holding these students back is their lack of exposure to successful individuals who grew up with their same experiences. Showing these students life outside of the ones they live can be a powerful tool to broaden their perspectives. [9:10]
  • The Faith Filled Entrepreneur Podcast was created to give budding entrepreneurs a space and platform where they could share experiences, strategies, ideas, and encouragement. It's a place where Jenn can be open about her faith and be her authentic self. [13:41]
  • Running a business is a long game. It takes consistency and persistence, especially because you're in the business if serving people. You are growing and scaling, and it may cause burnout because you might not be seeing results immediately. As a leader, you need to go into it with the right mindset, and if you have a team, you need to build an alliance with them and set and explain your goals. Celebrate your wins, build trust, and have patience. [18:02]
  • Working in your desire zone is important. It is where your skill and passion meet and where you are most productive. Make sure that the individuals and the teams you hire are also working in their desire zones. "If they're doing what they love the majority of the time, they're going to stick with you; they're not going to get burned out as quickly," Jenn adds. [19:45]
  • Leadership sometimes means letting go. Mike remarks that this problem is seen frequently in family businesses where the only individuals who are successful are the matriarchs or patriarchs. [23:13]
  • Leaders need to empower and equip their teams so that the company goal can become the common goal. Empowering and equipping them allows your teams to take ownership of the goal you're trying to achieve.  Having transparency, giving them the tools they need to achieve their own goals as well, further builds trust and an alliance between you and them. [29:16]



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