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The Talent Magnet Leadership Podcast


Episode #174: The Future Leader Mindset to Succeed with Jacob Morgan

Today’s guest on the Talent Magnet Leadership Podcast, Jacob Morgan, shares his thoughts on the future of work with host Mike Sipple Jr. Jacob is a best-selling author, futurist, and keynote speaker. He is the founder of the Future of Work University and the co-host of the Be Your Own Boss Podcast. In this must-listen conversation, Jacob dives deep into the future of work and how leaders can shift their mindsets to adapt to the times to better serve their employees and customers.

  • Many leaders assume the future of work is not something that can be controlled. On the contrary, the future of work is what you make it. Leaders need to ask themselves how they want to build, shape, and design the future they want to see. [2:04]
  • Jacob talks about what personally drives him. “My goal is to help create organizations where we all want to be a part of, and leaders who we all want to work with and for…” [5:43]
  • An ego is a dangerous quality for a leader to have. As leaders become more successful, so does their power, status, and wealth. “Your head starts to get a little bit bigger and you feel like your ideas are always the best, that you should be the smartest person on the team, that people shouldn't question you,” Jacob remarks to Mike. This is one of the biggest downfalls for a leader as it keeps them from learning, growing, and seeing opportunities. [7:35]
  • Growing in your career means maintaining a mindset of curiosity. You have to get out of your comfort zone, and you have to learn how to learn. [9:00]
  • The most effective thing a leader can do is unlock their employees’ potential. That means you need to understand them as human beings: understanding what your employees care about, what drives and motivates them, will go a long way in making them feel cared for and valued. [10:50]
  • A leader’s role is to be a guiding light for their organizations and employees. “Your responsibility is to help make other people more successful even if it's more successful than you,” Jacob posits. [11:54]
  • Jacob and Mike discuss the difference between listening and hearing. Listening is a conscious act while hearing is an unconscious act. People can tell when they’re being listened to. When leaders do the conscious act of listening, they’re letting the person they’re engaging with feel motivated. [14:29]
  • Listening is a skill that some people are better at than others, but it’s something that we can all develop. All it does is require time and effort. [16:53]
  • Leaders can motivate their employees by letting them know they’re there to serve them. Make yourself present, available, and approachable. Be okay with being vulnerable and not always having the right answers: this will help your employees see you as someone they can talk to. Practicing empathy is another tool that will also help leaders. [20:40]
  • Jacob and Mike discuss the steps in becoming empathetic leaders. [22:43]



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