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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast


Episode #165: Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Leadership Excellence with Teresa Quinlan

Mike Sipple Jr's guest on this episode of the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast is Teresa Quinlan. Teresa is the founder of IQ+EQ=TQ. As an author, executive coach, and podcast host, Teresa is an advocate for exceptional performance. She believes that it’s our personal responsibility to use our talents to reach our highest potential. In this episode, Teresa and Mike are talking about the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace, in order to be the leaders our employees need us to be.

  • Teresa talks about what motivated her to start IQ+EQ=TQ. [1:46]
  • Leaders must care about their employees. Emotional self-awareness is key: we have to be aware of our own emotions, and how they're impacting us, so we can understand others. We also need empathy and being able to understand where people are coming from. [4:05]
  • Identifying gaps in team engagement is twofold. The first part is that employees have to take responsibility for their emotional well-being. The other part is leadership excellence. Leaders need to hold their employees accountable up to the behavioral standards that are set. Failure to address toxic work behavior will cause those behaviors to continue to grow and disrupt the productivity of the organization. [7:18]
  • Teresa tells Mike about the self-awareness assessment tools she uses with leaders. [10:43]
  • Authenticity commands esteem. When leaders bring their authentic selves to work, it builds trust between them and their employees. [14:48]
  • The pandemic brought to light how much our emotions impact our performance. One of the main challenges going forward is that the 'Wellness' initiatives many companies are adopting aren't the right kinds of initiatives. To make their workplaces better, leaders need to model active communication with their employees. [19:21]
  • We need to be aware of our employees as leaders. We need to be able to pick up on changed behavior and act accordingly. "When our employee behavior shifts, it means they've already been in an emotional state that disrupts them for a little while, and we want to correct that as quickly as possible in leadership," Teresa says. [23:50]
  • The more we create resonance in our workplace and the more we pay attention to the emotional climate, the better we will be at addressing it when it needs to be addressed. [25:48]
  • Teresa talks about identifying the goals and objectives of the people we employ. [30:01]
  • Teresa talks about her podcast and the Humans First Movement. [32:58]



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