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Episode #164: Leadership DNA with Ryan Hawk

Do you have the true DNA of a leader within you? Mike Sipple Jr.'s guest on this episode of the Talent Magnet Leadership Podcast is Ryan Hawk. He is a Leadership Advisor, Keynote Speaker and the author of Welcome to Management: How to Grow from Top Performer to Excellent Leader, a book in which Forbes called the "Best Leadership Book of 2020". In this episode, Ryan and Mike are talking about what it takes to be a successful and impactful leader.

  • Leaders display three key behaviors: they are thoughtful, intentional, and they have a bias for action. Leaders reflect on what they have to do, act with great intention, and take what they've learned and apply it instead of simply reviewing the knowledge they've acquired. It's these behaviors that help them achieve excellent levels of performance within their organizations. [2:40]
  • The leaders who are making it happen, are the ones who bring their whole selves to work. If they are intentional at work, a lot of the time, they are also intentional at home. If we want to be effective leaders, we should not change who we are to fit whichever room we're in. We have to be authentic, and authenticity will breed trust between us and our team members. [5:42]
  • To be an effective senior level executive, we must have the ability to bring out the best in others, be great listeners, and be someone who enables others to bring their best selves. "Organizations that have a leader with those three abilities typically see tremendous trust throughout the entire company (and) alignment with customers," Ryan tells Mike. [8:50]
  • Ryan talks about the various tools he has in place to manage the difficulties others face when it comes to leadership. [11:28]
  • When addressing a room of people, leaders should do their best to make each person feel like we're speaking directly to them. [15:56]
  • One of the key takeaways from the social unrest that leaders should consider is how they want to be remembered. Leaders are the emotional thermostats of their teams, and so the way they respond to these types of situations have a large impact on their teams. [19:48]
  • The attitude of a leader is important. Are your team members looking to you as a mentor or coach during trying times? Is there any type of void between how you say you're leading, and how you truly wish to be leading? If there is, you should be doing your best to bridge those gaps. [24:15]
  • Build good relationships with people. Try to add value and be intellectually curious whenever you have the opportunity to meet with the people you admire. Be a good listener, and do your best to show you care. [27:42]



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