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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast


Episode #162: The Art of Caring Leadership with Heather R. Younger

Mike Sipple Jr’s guest on this week’s episode of the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast is Heather R. Younger. Heather is an author, an experienced keynote speaker, and the host of the podcast Leadership With Heart. She is the CEO and Founder of Employee Fanatix, a consulting firm specializing in employee engagement and leadership development. Through her company, Heather helps leaders realize the power they have to ensure people feel valued at work. In this episode, Heather and Mike are talking about leading with heart and leading with a culture of listening.

  • People seek out Heather's company because they want to take their organizations to the next level. They understand that Employee Fanatix has the capabilities necessary to help them make a change. "If they're not serious, they don't come to us," Heather tells Mike. [5:49]
  • Now that people are working from home, leaders need to exercise empathy and compassion. They have to be active listeners now more than ever. "Those leaders who, during a pandemic, continue to build trust by listening intently and keep showing that care and compassion for their people...are the ones who are going to be fortunate enough to keep most of their people." [7:06]
  • Leaders should think critically about how they want our employees and team members to respond to the question 'How is work going?'. Do you want your organization to be known as a place where it's a tragedy to be employed, or do you want to be known as a safe space for your employees? [10:40]
  • The behavior that would best define 'leading with the heart' would be caring leadership. [12:45]
  • Heather talks about the importance of employee recognition, especially from the manager. This recognition is the most meaningful to a team member, and it's important for organizations and leaders to implement this. [15:09]
  • We have to empathize by listening deeply to the needs of those who are different from us. We as leaders need to step into their shoes to understand where they're coming from. We also have to take the next step of compassion where we do our best to alleviate the pain of the person who is hurt. [22:44]
  • Leaders need to be active allies: we have to act on empathy and compassion. We should be always learning more about how to support the marginalized communities within our organizations. [24:07]
  • Employee experience and retention are driven by emotions. How we make others feel, determines their next steps. [30:49]


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