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Episode #161: HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast with Guest Host, Jon Thurmond

Jon Thurmond, of HR Social Hour, is the guest host of this week’s episode of the Talent Magnet Leadership Podcast. He is pleased to welcome Katrina Kibben. Katrina uses their technical marketing expertise and way with words to help both established and emerging brands develop and deliver creative, strategic recruitment marketing that makes the right people apply. They are the Founder and CEO of Three Ears Media, a company of talented copywriters that specialize in writing for recruiting. In this episode, Katrina and Jon are talking about what leaders need to be doing to create positive impacts for their companies’ futures, how to eliminate the barriers that hinder people from applying to job postings, and how leaders can show they care about their employees.

  • Leaders need to learn how to write for recruiting; this is an important first step in impacting their companies’ future. [1:39]
  • Katrina says that many leaders are bringing unknown biases into the hiring process. This is hindering the people we want to attract from applying. [5:18]
  • “We have created this friction between what we want and the actions we're taking to get those people [we want to attract],” Katrina says. “We have to stop using miscellaneous requirements and thinking people will just get it, and they'll know what's important.” [6:12]
  • Leaders need to ask different questions at hiring and imagine success instead of just having a list of requirements. [8:11]
  • Interview not only to gather data but also with the intention to be helpful. Make space for your interviewees to ask questions, and be prepared to just listen. [12:14]
  • An important way for leaders to show they care is to listen to people and do emotional resilience training. This will make your employees’ work experience better for everyone. [16:15]
  • “[A positive work experience for employees] is often the result of listening and acting with intent and allowing people to make mistakes and give them space to be human,” Katrina tells Jon. An important way for leaders to continue to implement a positive work experience, is to talk positively and regularly about the future. [18:41]
  • One way to focus on the future is to figure out what you need to stop doing. [21:20]



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