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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode #158: Extraordinary Leader Series with Guest Host, Don Frericks, Part 9

Don Frericks is the guest host of this week’s Talent Magnet Institute Podcast. In this installment, he’s continuing into part 9 of the Extraordinary Leaders Series. Don is a faculty member of the Talent Magnet Institute® and the author of “Best Boss Ever.” Mark Thompson is his guest, and the Chief Operating Officer at Infoverity, a global professional services company focused on solving business problems that are caused by the diversification of data. Don welcomes him as they discuss leadership, developing an ownership mindset, and emphasizing the human aspect of business.

  • Infoverity works with their clients to help them get more value out of their data through data governance. [2:19]
  • Developing an owner's mindset doesn't happen instantly or naturally. We are usually brought up to see and to think of ourselves as employees. Being an owner brings a different kind of perspective than that of an employee, and it takes time for the ‘owner’s mindset’ to fully develop and grow. [07:35]
  • In order to learn, we must teach. This drives us to a different level of competence. Influence is synonymous with leadership for management, and it involves teaching every workforce. [17:02]
  • Every business is a people business. The care and psychological wellbeing of your team is more important than the numbers, finances, and operations. Everything that happens in an organization is based on an emotional conversation whether we know it or not. [28:20]
  • Most innovation comes from stepping between two thought spaces and processes and then bridging the gap between them. It’s stepping into a vacancy and filling it. [39:53]
  • We can learn as leaders in many different ways, and broadly and deeply. Great leadership is noticing where an opportunity is and where we can add value to our teams and organizations. Great leaders are also great innovators. [47:02]


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