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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode #157: Mindset of Innovation with Gayle Lantz

Gayle Lantz is the Founder of WorkMatters, Inc. and the host of her own podcast “CEO on the Go.” A leadership expert, an author and speaker, she’s using her skills and talents to help CEOs and executives shape corporate culture and inspire change. Mike Sipple Jr. welcomes her to this week’s episode of the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast; they’re talking about strategic planning, organizational culture, making the work environment inclusive, and empowering employees.

They’re also discussing some of the barriers workers may have to overcome.

  • Organizations need to be as competitive, cutting edge, and forward-thinking as they can. Engaging employees and creating an environment that inspires and generates more productivity is key. [02:02]
  • It's important for leaders to encourage employees to talk more and flesh out their ideas. Showing acknowledgment for their contribution inspires employees - even those who may be a bit more reluctant - to share and creates greater trust and respect. [12:15]
  • Leaders should focus more on the employees who want to make a positive impact. Even the most negative of employees eventually fall in line. And if they don’t, the company can move forward without them. [17:11]
  • When conceptualizing organizational strategy, we should pay attention to the influencers within our companies. The individuals influencing our customers the most, and the people on the frontline that are most sought after for guidance and advice, should be considered. They're the ones working with the customers every day, and they will be able to offer invaluable insight. [26:51]
  • We have to acknowledge the existing barriers that stunt our employees’ productivity, and do our best as leaders to mitigate them. We must create a work environment that will let our employees feel happy, and inspire them to work. It is our responsibility as leaders and employers to make certain that all voices are heard. [31:27]


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