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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode #155: The Power of Assessments with Megan Leasher

If you have ever wondered if you should do an organizational assessment or how to incorporate them, you need to listen to this conversation.  This week Mike talks with Dr. Megan Leasher, Chief Solutions Strategist with Talent Plus.  They discuss the ins and outs of assessments, 360’s, and personal development. 

Mike and Megan talk in detail about feedback, personal development and where assessments fit into your people strategy.  They begin with explaining what is “IO” and how to use it to maximize your organization’s potential. (3:40)

A big question people have on both sides of the desk is, “Should assessments be part of the hiring process?” Mike and Megan share the key points every leader should consider, like: 

  • What assessments work best?
  • When should they be administered?
  • What do they tell you?
  • How do you use them? (5:41)

Mike and Megan discuss how the right assessments can help you align your organization’s business strategy and talent strategy.  Listen to their tips on how to create the bridge as well as how to execute an effective plan. (13:16) 

Assessments on leaders, such as 360’s, can be powerful for everyone involved, or they can be destructive.  Listen to Mike and Megan discuss: 

  • How to use 360’s;
  • Why and when to use them;
  • What you need to do before even starting the process. (18:26) 

What is the goal of any assessment, especially a 360? Mike and Megan unpack this delicate subject and offer important keys to optimizing success.  They agree that 360’s and coaching should not be remedial.  Listen now to get the full scoop! (25:05)

Access the following resources referenced In the conversation:

  1. Leadership Trends Survey
  2. Talent Plus Coaching Blog
  3. Coaching Case Study







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