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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode #149: Extraordinary Leader Series with Guest Host Don Frericks Part 7

This week, guest host Don Frericks is back to continue his conversations with extraordinary leaders from around the world.  Today, he talks to Anna Grome, Principal Consultant at Tier 1 Performance Solutions.  Their conversation provides key lessons for aspiring and experienced leaders.  

Listen and learn as Don dissects the stand-out qualities to Anna’s leadership that facilitates high performance from her team.  (5:37)  

Hear how she builds a safe space for push back, and how she peels away the layers to find out what is really going on. (8:31) 

How Anna reacted to her 360 review is a lesson in leadership we can all learn from.  Listen to Anna and Don share:

  • Key indicators of her success as a leader (13:59)
  • Their take-aways from good and bad leaders (15:51)
  • Wise reflection about what they would have done differently (20:04)

Feedback is a crucial component to leading well, but it can be hard for most people to receive.  Listen NOW to Anna’s tips on: 

  • How to welcome feedback  (22:59)
  • How to provide a space for others to feel safe being honest. (24:50)
  • How to accelerate your leadership development.  (26:40)

Anna shares how she continues to learn to lead well and what her biggest challenges are right now.  Listen NOW to learn from this extraordinary leader’s insight. (33:59)

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