The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode #148: Walking The Walk in Leadership with Mehmet Yuksek

This week Mike connects with trusted friend and advisor Mehmet Yuksek, President of Reily Foods.  Their conversation is a MUST for leaders at all levels.  Listen now to hear them unpack what leaders should be doing in order to achieve real success and innovation in their organizations.  

Mehmet shares many valuable quotes in this episode.  He starts by sharing this sage advice:

“People will only buy-in when (leaders) emulate what they want to see in everyone else.” 2:54

Mike and Mehmet talk about what it takes to create a healthy space for conflict and how it can transform your organization. (6:25)

We have heard of the Golden Rule, but what is the Platinum Rule?  Listen to Mike share how this one thing has been a game-changer for his leadership path. (10:39)

How do you know what you don’t know?  Listen to Mehmet’s leadership story, and why figuring out what you don’t know is critical for success as a CEO. (16:56)

Mike and Mehmet dissect the complex topic of strategy and employee buy-in.  They discuss: 

  • Why it is important for employees to understand organizational strategy;
  • How closing the gap between strategy and communication can be the key to taking your company to the next level;
  • How to build real trust and get honest feedback. (19:19)

Mike and Mehmet go deeper on strategic alignment and getting laser-focused.  They share why many leaders get distracted by long goal lists and metrics but miss actual connection in the workforce.  Here are some more of Mehmet’s quotes.  Listen now to dive deeper: 

“Strategy without execution is hallucination.” (29:35)

“Alignment is much more important than agreement and consensus.” (31:00)

“Simplicity is so empowering and clarifying at the end of the day.” (31:55) 

The most important thing, Mehmet says, is that leaders must “walk the walk and be disciplined about it.” (38:10)







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