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Episode #147: Becoming Unmuted with Rachel Druckenmiller

This week Mike dives deep into the subject of authenticity with Rachel Druckenmiller, Founder and CEO of Unmuted.  Rachel is a facilitator, speaker and award-winning health promotion professional.  Listen to Mike and Rachel discuss the profound effect of unmuting our voices to create a thriving work and home life. 

Rachel begins by defining “whole self” and how we can be authentic in a professional environment. (3:52)  Then, she tells us why we should be asking ourselves two questions every day.  Listen NOW! (6:53)

Rachel challenges listeners to ask teams the question, “When have you been at your best in the past?”  Find out how this question can increase ROI and engagement. (10:10)

What does “leading with curiosity” mean?  Rachel and Mike break it down and offer tips to incorporate it into your mindset every day. (15:25)

Mike revisits a conversation about the “invisible backpack,” and he and Rachel discuss the impact it has on how people work. (17:08) 

Mike and Rachel dive deep into their insights about 

  • The physical impact of self-silencing (19:42)  
  • Finding the courage to express yourself (23:31)
  • How becoming “unmuted” changed their lives and communities (32:21)

Listen now to this deeply inspiring episode! Share your questions and comments here.

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