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Episode #145: Trauma-Informed Care To Create an Engaged Culture with Dr. Kimberly Luse

 This week Mike talks to Dr. Kimberly Luse, President of Strategic Ethical Solutions, who is the best-selling author of the books “Circling The Drain” and “Losing Your Job Without Losing Your Mind”. She also serves as a faculty member for the Talent Magnet Institute. They discuss practical solutions and benefits to approaching conflict, creating an environment that fosters trust, and having honest, difficult conversations.  

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Mike and Kimberly dive into the subject of “Trauma-Informed Care,” why leaders need to understand this concept, and how to practice it every day. (2:21)

Mike shares his own insights relating these concepts to the work setting. (6:29)

Kimberly shares effective techniques to: 

  • Reprogram your negative thought patterns; (10:46) 
  • How to create a psychologically safe workplace; (12:13)
  • How to work through conflicts and misunderstandings. (20:29)

Mike and Kimberly unpack the impact of how an organization leads and communicates about what trauma means for people and how it affects their work.  They discuss the results of taking the lead in helping people work through conflict and the consequences of not leaning in. (26:32)

Kimberly takes the conversation to a more personal level as she shares tips for getting through traumatic events, loss, and techniques for self-empowerment. (36:30)

Kimberly encourages listeners to lead yourself and others well by committing to a personal introspection journey.  She says creating a place of trust starts with the leaders, and the leaders must start with themselves.  (46:48)

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