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Episode #143: Building Impact, Internally and Externally, with Community Involvement with Dan Calonge

Mike ends the year with a conversation that calls on all leaders to change the way they view their organizations’ involvement with their community.  This conversation with Dan Calonge, Head of Learning and Development for Cincinnati Bell, will inspire you to connect more meaningfully in 2021.  

Mike and Dan start their discussion with some basics about how Dan got involved at Cincinnati Bell.  He shares his fascinating experience as a son of immigrants, which inspired him to expand his role in the community.  (1:56) 

Dan shares: 

  • How leading an Employee Resource Group (ERG) lead to a meaningful connection with co-workers, 
  • What the group gained by reaching out to the community, 
  • The massive impact that has occurred as a result of a simple outreach project. (8:09)

Listen NOW to hear how Dan: 

  • Approached the Executive Team at Cincinnati Bell to fill a serious gap in learning for children in need during the epidemic. (13:00)
  • Connected with the community to raise close to $1 million to fund the project for the entire school year. (17:26) 
  • Has connected to other organizations to generate resources so that the initiative can be scaled on a national level. (22:21) 

Dan asks, “What is your competitive advantage and how can it help your community?”  He offers practical tips and benefits for leaders who want to deepen their organization’s involvement with their community. (27:15)

Dan and Mike challenge listeners to connect employees with their communities, for the meaningful internal connection between coworkers, as well as the impact they make together, building a connection with the community in which they work. (29:45)

Share your stories about how you are connecting in your organization! 

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