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Episode 141: The Rhythm of Connecting in a Virtual World with Chuck Mingo

This week, Mike continues his profound conversations about creating community with Chuck Mingo, Teaching Pastor at Crossroads Community Church, and Founder and CEO of Undivided

Mike and Chuck begin their discussion with many inspiring sentiments about 2020, such as: 

  • Unusual stories of courage that Chuck has personally witnessed this year; (5:29)
  • Deep emotional insights Mike has gained from having conversations with friends who are leaders of color, as well as from white leaders who felt a new awareness about the daily struggle of their black employees; (7:42)
  • The inspiration for Chuck’s vision for the program and podcast Undivided. (9:05) 

Mike and Chuck dive deeper into the phrase “valued, heard, and understood.”  What does it mean, and what value does it have for businesses beyond 2020? Listen NOW to find out. (17:20)

Chuck shares: 

  • Data about the impact of diversity on revenue generation; (19:57)
  • The value of getting 360 degrees of perspective; (21:31)
  • How to recognize whether you are on track with your leadership, especially regarding conversations about equity in your workplace. (26:32)

“The very moment when we think we want to cancel out a person is the time we need to be inviting that person in.”  Chuck Mingo (29:08)

Mike and Chuck challenge listeners to evaluate how they connect in business and their daily lives and offer suggestions for leaders who want to end the year with impact. (38:20)  Listen NOW! 

For more information about bringing the facilitated program Undivided to your organization, click here.

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