The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 140: Connecting Community Through Leadership in Business with Barbara Hauser

This week Mike discusses community impact with Barbara Hauser, Senior Community Relations Manager for Procter & Gamble.  Community engagement must move beyond the walls (or network) of your business.  Listen now to learn why community engagement is a key ingredient in your organizational recipe for success.  

Community engagement is a key part of P&G’s global strategy and success. Barbara explains:

  • Why their role in the community is key to their success; (2:17)
  • What their engagement looks like in vastly different parts of the world; and
  • How they find the pulse of the community and respond to it. (5:57)

Procter and Gamble takes engagement and community very seriously.  Barbara shares her views as an employee about a campaign series that was created after the social unrest in May 2020. (11:15)

Barbara also shares several other community projects with which P&G partners.  Listen now to hear why transforming community is vital to business. (13:20)

Mike and Barbara share personal stories about a blighted neighborhood in Cincinnati, and how P&G leadership played a role in the total transformation of Over The Rhine to be one of the gems of the Queen City’s crown.  (16:24)

Finally, Barbara shares how her role and strategy to connect with communities has changed since COVID-19.  She discusses how they have shifted to keep people engaged in a safe way. 

Click here to view P&G’s campaign “Take On Race”.







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