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Episode 139: The Future of Space with Kelly Kolar

This week Mike has an engaging discussion about using space, physically and digitally, to promote well-being and success in your organization with Kelly Kolar.  Kelly is the President and Founder of Kolar Design and the Kolar Experience Institute.  She is also a Talent Magnet Institute Faculty member.

The pandemic forced most organizations to work remote, which has created an opportunity to reevaluate how they use their physical spaces.  Kelly shares key points to consider when deciding:  

  • Whether you should let go of your physical space. (2:33)
  • How and why to “repurpose” it, and how this decision will affect your culture. (4:41)
  • If 100 percent digital is the best choice for your organization, given the data she has collected about how people are feeling right now.  (7:34)

The Kolar Experience Institute has collected data and created resources for leaders to get a pulse on where their organizations are in order to make good business decisions for 2021.  LIsten to Kelly and Mike discuss why these issues are critical for your success next year. (23:44)

How can your space be a tool for you? Listen to Kelly and Mike share their insight about how space drives better outcomes. (28:36) LISTEN NOW! 

Even if you continue to use a physical space, both Kelly and Mike agree that the entire physical landscape of work has changed moving forward.  Listen to their tips about tools and technology for better collaboration and engagement. (32:55) 

If you would like to use the survey tools Kelly mentioned, click here.

Links to tools mentioned in this episode: 










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