The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 138: Where People Fit Into Your Business with Tracie Sponenberg

This week Mike talks to Tracie Sponenberg, Chief People Officer with The Granite Group, Leader of Disrupt HR-New Hampshire and co-founder of HR Rebooted.  They discuss the key elements of people-centered culture.  Listen to this lesson-packed episode now!

Tracie has encountered many people who say people-centered business is a no-brainer.  Is it? Listen to Tracie share about the consequences of the widespread lack of this key element to success. (2:22)

Tracie shares details about her career journey that are key learning points.  Hear about

  • Her relationship with one CEO who understood the power of mentorship and focusing of people. (4:45)  She says it was a hard journey inward and shares some of her learnings. 
  • Her experiences replacing people who were terminated, and what she did to turn things around. (11:29)
  • Being bold and challenging your CEO on people issues. (14:15)

Tracie shares about an engagement contest her organization entered in the middle of the pandemic, how they fared, and how future talent is using your reaction to COVID as a benchmark for talent and communication strategy.  Hear about what they did. (17:19)

People are the reason you are in business, and you have no business having a business if you don’t recognize that.” 

Tracie Sponenberg (19:43)

As a leader, where can you get started?  Tracie shares her insights. (20:56)

How is your strategy for next year going to change? What is your plan? Listen to Mike and Tracie describe what their organizations are doing. (22:30)

Listen to Tracie open up about what she is hearing and practicing about the power of vulnerability in leadership, the connections it creates, and about the growth process when leveling up. (31:48)

The CEO/CHRO relationship is extremely important in a people-focused environment.  Does your CEO have a “Game Of Thrones” approach to leadership?  Listen to Mike and Tracie discuss the keys to getting this relationship aligned for success. (39:54)











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