The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 137: Taking HR into the 21st Century with Lars Schmidt

This week Mike invites Lars Schmidt into the booth to discuss what Lars describes as “progressive” HR.  Lars is the host of the podcast “Redefining HR” and Founder of Amplify, an executive search and consulting firm.  Lars has also been a regular contributor for Fast Company, and is excited about the release of his first book, “Redefining HR.

Listen NOW as Lars shares the mindset of “progressive” HR, what HR leaders need to shift in order to get a seat at the table, and maximize their impact in an organization. (1:46)

Lars shares:  

  • Key skills that HR leaders need in modern HR roles.  Listen NOW to see if you are up to speed. (6:09)
  • Crucial questions you need to ask your leadership team before hiring a CHRO to help you shift to a modern-day HR philosophy. (8:09)

Find out about Lars’ vision to “illuminate modern people practices” and how his writing gig for Fast Company evolved into the podcast and his forthcoming book, “Redesigning HR.” (10:46)

Lars has revolutionized HR learning and innovation by creating an open-source model.  Listen now about the resources that are available for free to anyone, and the invaluable ways it is being used to solve difficult challenges, including emergency preparedness. (18:29)

Lars shares 3 keys CEOs need in order to implement forward-thinking people practices (23:40), and 2 takeaways for CHROs.  LISTEN NOW! 








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