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Episode 136: Adapting Strategy to a Rapidly Changing Landscape with Moira Weir

This week Mike has another inspiring conversation with Moira Weir, President and CEO of United Way of Cincinnati.  They share pivotal take-aways for leaders who like to think outside-the-box when meeting their clients’ needs.

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Moira shares her experiences while starting a new leadership position, just as the pandemic shut everything down.  Hear how she led her organization to

  • Pivot while staying true to her organization’s core values (1:50)
  • Stay focused on strategy while dealing with a changing landscape (6:09) and, 
  • Serve their clients’ changing needs in unique and creative ways. (10:25)

Mike and Moira discuss the power of leveraging your network to help your community. They share the ways something as simple as this can help others gain access to things many of us take for granted.  They also discuss the tangible and intangible payoffs of getting involved in the community. (23:31)

Moira shares examples of how her organization

  • Was able to change quickly to continue engagement 
  • Created financial diversification during an economic shut-down, and
  • Discovered ways to serve their clients in creative and holistic ways.  (29:27)
  • Leveraged alternative channels to communicate clearly and effectively, both internally and externally. (36:47)

Listen NOW to this inspiring, tactical episode! 

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