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Episode 135: Strategies To Jumpstart Your Culture with Joey Price

This week Mike hosts Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart HR, Host of “Business Life and Coffee” Podcast, and Host of the “Winning at Work” series. They discuss Joey’s key take-aways from interviewing leaders from all over the world, and helping work environments optimize communication and culture.

Mike asks Joey what do leaders need to be focusing on at this moment? Joey details 4 pillars that are key to winning at work. (2:01) Then, they discuss how to tactically use these pillars to create an effective culture. 

Joey tells us about his experiences with leaders in creating meaningful, effective cultures, and the unintentional roadblocks that stunt progress in the workplace. (12:46) He shares the concept of “work friction,” how it affects ROI, and tactical tips for leaders to eliminate it. (16:00, 40:42)

He says it is crucial to remember that, “The disconnect is...the mix up in communication of what you think you are projecting and what the person is actually hearing.” Joey shares tips on how to “reverse engineer” success.” (24:38)

Mike asks two key questions leaders need to focus on now: 

  1. What should leaders be focused on for 2021? (29:54)
  2. What do we need to do to optimize our customer relationships? (34:19)

Joey says be curious about other businesses’ successes, especially those in other industries.  Ask, what can I learn from this? (36:54) 

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