The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 134: Creating Opportunities for Leaders of Color with Eddie Koen

This week Mike takes a deeper dive about inclusion and equity with Eddie Koen, President and CEO of the Urban League of Southwestern Ohio.  In this discussion, they talk honestly about subjects many leaders may find difficult to approach.  Listen now to this thought-provoking discussion. 

Get a historical perspective of thriving Black communities and the importance of investing into the community as a Black leader. (5:18)

Eddie shares 3 key learnings for leaders of all colors to contribute to change and impact. (8:36) 

Eddie says, “Economics is a powerful accelerant to social change,” citing how economics played a large part in the State of Mississippi removing the Confederate flag. (11:10)

Mike and Eddie discuss a program that they have collaborated on called Leadership Pathways.  Listen to how their two organizations are working to move talented, emerging leaders of color into key positions in order to change the landscape of leadership and inclusion. 

Mike challenges you to ask yourself: What can you do in the seat you are in to create change and long-lasting impact? Listen NOW for suggestions on being a more forward-thinking leader. (19:15)

Eddie admits that change doesn’t happen overnight and that it can be uncomfortable.  Listen to his tips on how to get uncomfortable with your organization to facilitate effective change. (30:57)

Eddie says avoidance doesn’t work anymore.”It’s almost like there is a mental earthquake outside and you’re having a meeting like nothing is happening.” (40:32) However, despite the chaos that seemingly is engulfing our society, Eddie shares his optimism and excitement about the future. (42:20)

Listen to gain deep insight and uplevel your leadership NOW. 







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