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Episode 132: Extraordinary Leader Series with Guest Host Don Frericks Part 6

This week, Don Frericks brings us the wisdom of another extraordinary leader, interviewing Matt Shank.  Matt is the President of the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges. He and Don discuss foundational leadership development traits, and what emerging and seasoned leaders need to do to stay relevant throughout their careers. 

Matt has a career that is focused in the academic arena.  Hear how he shares his insights about staying relevant in a rapidly changing environment.  (4:13)

Matt shares his experiences that have shaped his leadership journey, such as: 

  • His three-pronged approach to leading well. (11:10)
  • Tips on how to build a community with trust, faith, and commitment. (11:35)
  • The three critical skills that every leader needs to consider before starting a development program. (13:25) 
  • What is “servant leadership” really? (19:26)

He says, “If you treat people with dignity irrespective of what they can do for you, ultimately they’re going to do great things for either you or your organization.”  (11:10)

Don and Matt provide great tips on how to help others level up in practical ways.  (21:54) 

Listen NOW to learn what tactical skills you should be focusing on and which to sideline. 

Don and Matt close their insightful conversation discussing the one thing everyone should do to be a better leader and why. (35:30)

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