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Episode 131: The Power of Connection: Know Your Neighbor with Shakila Ahmad

This week’s episode is another archive that has incredible relevance to today’s business climate.  In the studio with Mike is Shakila Ahmad, President and Chair of the Board of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati.  They discuss many ideas and opportunities available to unite people through similarities, rather than categorize people through differences. 

Listen to Shakila share about: 

  • Why she left corporate life to engage as a leader in her community (5:31)
  • How to identify leaders for your community and the importance of engagement (8:04)

Mike and Shakila discuss: 

  • Cultural competency and leveraging talent with cultural engagement (12:33)
  • Including community engagement in your business plan (16:45)
  • Understanding the true meaning of “Team Chemistry” (19:28)

Shakila shares her passion about educating people with the Islamic Center’s program called “Know Your Neighbor” and how leaders can use this model to create a better culture. (20:15) 

Listen NOW! 

Mike and Shakila ask: What message about diversity are you sending intentionally or unconsciously to your children, your organization, and your community?  How does this reflect the level of trust you convey, and open-mindedness in all those areas of your life? (27:26) 

Shakila shares examples of how she worked with the City of Mason to engage the entire community (businesses, schools, and civic leadership) to change their conversations about cultural diversity. (27:45) 

Mike and Shakila challenge leaders:

  • Ditch preconceived notions about others and get first-hand knowledge (31:09)
  • Bridge understanding and cultural sensitivity by organizing difficult conversations, especially in light of national events, such as race riots and 9/11. (32:32, 36:16)
  • Don’t assume you know what people are all about.  Don't give into stereotypes from the media.  Take a bold step to make a personal connection (39:59)

Interfaith dialogue refers to cooperative, constructive, and positive interaction between people of different religious traditions (i.e., “faiths”) and/or spiritual or humanistic beliefs, at both the individual and institutional levels.” ~Wikipedia

Learn about interfaith dialogue

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