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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 130: Strategically Creating Innovation in Inclusion with Dr. Janet Reid

This week we are reviving a previous episode (Episode #19) that is relevant in today’s climate.  Hear Mike’s incredible, tactical conversation with Dr. Janet Reid, on diversity, equity and inclusion.  Dr. Janet Reid is a faculty member of the Talent Magnet Institute, and the founder of BRBS World, a private global management consulting consortium located in Cincinnati, that works with companies to develop and keep world-class leaders who value diversity and inclusion. 

Listen now for a fresh perspective from a veteran of DE&I. Dr. Reid shares insights on:  

  • Defining diversity as differences and similarities, and broadening our view to include thinking and problem solving styles. (5:06)
  • The difference between diversity and inclusion-they are two different things. (5:49)
  • How to optimize talent and how it has changed. (6:24)

Mike approaches the elephant in the room and asks, “Why should leaders care about this?” Listen now for Dr. Reid’s candid answer. (7:51)

Mike and Dr. Reid discuss the hard core relevance of diversity as part of an organization’s business plan.   Dr. Reid cites one of many studies, Diversity Matters to prove her point. Listen to find out what this study showed, how inclusion is key,  and how it can improve your bottom line. (9:43)

Mike and Dr. Reid also discuss: 

  • How DE&I today is different from Affirmative Action, and how the conversation has evolved. (12:04)
  • What the difference is between outright prejudice and the subtleties of bias. (15:03)
  • What leaders can and must do to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. (16:15)

Listen to Dr. Reid’s stories about some of her clients who found great success in product innovation and new market penetration due to having a diverse team. (17:57) Hear how these “aha” moments are innovating businesses in every sector. 

Dr. Reid goes into detail about how accepting diversity is a neurological function. (13:25)  She shares a process to take a specific inventory, as well as tips on how to  rewire your thought process to be comfortable with differences. (19:48) As with most things, acknowledgment is the first step.  Take the Harvard assessment to see what your unconscious biases are now.

Dr. Reid gives tips on how to move forward as a leader into a higher level of awareness, how to have conversations about inclusion in decision-making, and changing culture in the workplace. (24:15)

Mike and Dr. Reid share tips about 

  • Being a bridge for diverse perspectives, and being a leader for uniting people. (26:45) 
  • Being strategic about diversifying your workplace (28:21)
  • Speaking to the power of diversity and inclusion when you notice too much homogeneity in the room. (29:59)

Mike and Dr. Reid challenge listeners to be intentional about your strategies and diversifying your circle of influence. 


McKinsey - Why Diversity Matters

McKinsey - Delivering Through Diversity 

McKinsey Delivering Through Diversity Whitepaper

The Phoenix Principles - Leveraging Inclusion to Transform Your Company - Co-authored by Janet B. Reid, Ph.D., CEO of BRBS World Consulting, LLC and Vincent R. Brown is President and CEO of V. Randolph Brown Consulting

Implicit Bias Test through Harvard University


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