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Episode 129: Crucial Conversations & Bringing Your Whole Self to Work with Tysonn Betts

This week Mike talks with fellow Leadership Cincinnati alumnus Tysonn Betts, Vice President of Design for Global Family Care at Procter & Gamble. Listen in as they discuss tips on effective listening and how to develop respect and trust. 

They discuss: 

  • The value of courageous conversations; (2:55)
  • Tips on how to hear what is NOT being said; (3:36)
  • The difference between defining and delivering on obvious needs versus delivering on the void that has not yet been filled. (7:18)

Tysonn shares his perspective on diversity issues and “being the only one in the room.”  He shares how he leverages his unique perspective, and encourages listeners to embrace theirs. (11:24) He also shares HOW to communicate it in a way that is helpful and goal-focused, versus criticizing and confrontational. (13:07)

He also shares examples about how to be sensitive to those who may not want to share their stories. (16:05)  Tysonn and Mike discuss what P&G did to help their organization stay focused during a very distracting time.  Hear how P&G empowered the workforce by sharing untold collective stories of their employees and the impact it has made. (21:23)

Tysonn says, As a leader it is your responsibility to set business AND culture goals.  Listen to Tysonn share key points about setting up your culture to go beyond your four walls to make a positive impact on the lives of your employees as well as your community. 

Regarding crucial conversations, Tysonn says, “The toughest conversations are the most important ones to have.” (33:35)  Listen to learn tips on how to navigate them productively.  

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