The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 127: Lessons in Effective Parenting and Leadership with Jim Mason

Mike revisits an old friend this week, Jim Mason, CEO of Beech Acres Parenting Center to discuss work, parenting success, and being a better leader. Parenting tips and leadership tips abound in this episode.  If you are committed to serving your internal and external customers well (and raising great kids), this is a conversation you should listen to and take notes. 

Jim shares the story of Beech Acres, their mission, and how they help families raise great kids on a deeper level than most programs. Then, Jim provides key tips on how to go from being a reactive parent to being an empowering parent, with the Natural Strength Parenting method.  (1:49)

Hear how Beech Acres has worked to support schools, kids, and families by using technology and effective listening. (11:45) 

Jim shares how he worked with his leadership team to  set up a decision-making system during COVID-19 for his organization so that they stayed true to their mission, their commitment to their staff and clients, as well as keep their sight on long term goals. Hear what they implemented to make their business successful. (14:49)

Hear how going virtual actually improved communication with staff, and how going virtual provided opportunities to serve their clients more effectively. (17:27)

What can you do to develop a “safe place” for staff when a crisis occurs?  Listen to what Beech Acres implemented. (26:23) And, then hear Jim’s reaction to the initial employee surveys. (34:47)

“We have to have integrity with how we are with each other.” 

Jim Mason (36:05)

Go to to get more information about Beech Acres’ virtual curriculum for teachers and parents. 








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