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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 126: Network Beyond Bias to Advance Your Career with Amy Waninger

This week Mike talks with Amy Waninger, CEO of Lead At Any Level and author of several books including, “Network Beyond Bias: Making Diversity A Competitive Advantage For Your Career.” They discuss the importance of diversifying the people with whom you associate, and share tips for how to build “critical connections.” 

Hear Amy’s story about how she leaped from computer science to diversity and inclusion, and why it has become such a driving force for her. (1:56) 

Amy shares tips for expanding your network intentionally: 

  • She says, look at your Linked In connections and ask yourself, is there a pattern here? (20:12)
  • She challenges listeners to ask how intentional they are about with whom they connect. (6:29) 
  • She asks, “Who is missing from your network?”

“Your heart can’t be in the right place if you never move your feet...It doesn’t matter what you feel.  It matters what you do with what you feel.” Amy Waninger (8:27)

Amy and Mike discuss the key reasons why diversifying your network gives you a competitive career advantage. (10:44)  Listen NOW! 

Amy gives us tactical advice on who the 5 critical connections everyone needs for their career, and tips for building these connections holistically. (16:12) 

Listen to Mike and Amy share more stories and tips about how intentional networking changes everything in work and life.  (30:42) 

If you are ready to be inspired to create more intentional connections in your network, listen NOW! 








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