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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 124: Workplace Equity; Let’s Continue Conversing About Race with Torin Ellis

If you are committed to being a better ally for equality, don’t place the burden of your education on your black friends. We have a very special guest, Torin Ellis, who counsels on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and BELONGING (DEIB) day in and day out. He has provided very insightful tips for leaders to take actions in the continued conversation about race. Remember, even the most well-meaning “what can I do” to employees of color can be mentally exhausting and emotionally taxing for them. Take the initiative. Do the work. Listen now.

“Do you want to get in and do something different that develops talent, inspires talent, and shows them that we are going to pour into them and help them to grow in our organization; make our organization attractive? How are we going to build an ecosystem that’s beautiful?” (14:40)

This week Mike talks with Torin Ellis, Principal at The Torin Ellis Brand in Baltimore, Maryland. They discuss equity and the importance of employers making a declaration, reallocating and holding people accountable in the workplace. 


“We’ve hidden behind a curtain of mediocrity and complacency for far too long.” (5:14)

Torin is a strategic practitioner; he leads a nimble boutique with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) strategy through the lens of recruiting. He has a history of working with teams to help them effectively attract, nurture, and retain the most dynamic talent necessary to not only meet, but transcend business vision; driven entirely by information and context. 

Torin says that leaders must create an environment that encourages people to raise their hand when they see something that doesn’t fit the company’s core values. This is true courage in leadership.

How do leaders start taking action tomorrow in their pursuit towards DEIB? Torin shares these three actionable ideas: (6:44)

  1. Shelve fragility… Allow those who are suffering to speak their truth.
  2. As leaders, we can listen. Inside of our organizations, we can set aside some time to listen.
  3. Make a declarative statement and then get at the work.

Torin suggests a zoom call for 10 minutes, for leaders to say, “I want to know more about you,” and listen. He shares that, to the degree in which People of Color are willing to share, we have to find a balance in terms of listening. People have to know that you care.

“You have to care enough to hop on the call that has nothing to do with your quota, that partner call, that new client you did research on or the bottom line ROI… That’s what great leadership is.” (20:00)

 LISTEN NOW to hear more from Torin like:

  • the differences and similarities between the historical and present day conversation about race (3:36)
  • what is happening to protect under-represented people and organizations (12:00)
  • advice for leaders who say they don’t see race (24:55)








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