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Episode 123: Changing Company Culture by Showing Love and Listening with Chris Halter and Tim Beatty

This week, Mike has another MUST LISTEN conversation.  In this episode, Mike talks with Chris Halter, Talent Magnet Institute faculty member and organizational psychologist, and Tim Beatty, President of Bullen Ultrasonics. They do a deep dive about real-life culture transformation and the elements at the heart of managing change.  

Here are some highlights: 

  • Tim and Chris share what is required from leaders while navigating through “black swan” events.
  • Tim shares his story of how he came to Bullen. He says, “Culture is like the soil...Success of the crop is directly related to the fertileness of the soil.” 
  • Chris shares his professional insight about communication and listening.  He says, “Two monologues don’t make a dialogue,” and shares tips on how to listen more thoughtfully.

Mike, Chris and Tim discuss the role of love and fear in business. How does love fit into business? They offer deep insight into 

  • The power of asking questions, and truly listening, (7:30)
  • Creating a “psychologically safe” working environment (20:01)
  • How to know if you have a culture problem. (14:20)

Chris says, “Respect isn’t is the foundation of the human adventure.” He explains that a fundamental flaw in traditional leadership is withholding respect, and that doing so creates a toxic work environment. (6:11) 

Listen to his tips on how to build a culture of respect and trust. 

Tim shares his personal views as an executive on: 

  • The mindset of being a coach versus a cheerleader; (19:54)
  • The impact of culture on his company’s profits; (25:48)
  • The CEO’s role in racial and gender equity in an organization. (46:55)

Mike, Chris and Tim discuss the freedom that leaders feel when they realize they don’t need to have all the answers, and that they can access the expertise and opinions of those with whom they work. In fact, they say, this awareness is a key indicator of an effective leader.  

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