The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 121: The Announcement That We Have All Been Anticipating with Guest Host, Jules Breslin

In this episode, Jules Breslin, new Leadership Engagement Director for the Talent Magnet Institute, interview’s TMI’s CEO and Co-Founder, Mike Sipple Jr., and they discuss an exciting membership opportunity for leaders who are ready to transform their impact as a leader.

Mike and Jules discuss:

  • Why the Talent Magnet Institute incorporates a holistic approach to professional development (5:32)
  • What makes the Talent Magnet Institute different than other leadership consultant firms (6:22)
  • Why it's even more important that leaders invest now, during a pandemic, when budgets for support are being cut. (10:17)

Time is your scarcest resource...What if you had a platform that catered to your time...your efficiency... your productivity, and your leadership? -Mike Sipple, Jr. (11:39)

Mike and Jules discuss how the TMI approach to leadership development allows leaders to make the impact they desire now. Mike says the Talent Magnet Institute membership is for Leaders who are woke.(15:59)

Listen Now! Make the investment that will transform the trajectory of your leadership journey. The cart will only be open for a short time.

Get more details about becoming a Talent Magnet Institute Founding Member here or ask Mike a question on Speakpipe now!





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