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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 120: A Personal Conversation About The Vision of Talent Magnet Institute with Mike Sipple Sr.

This week, Mike invites his dad, Mike Sipple Sr. into the studio to give you perspective of the Talent Magnet Institute’s mission in helping leaders lead well in relationships, work, community and life.  Where did this come from?  Listen now to hear the story.  

Mike Sr. shares how the catastrophic event of 9/11 shaped Centennial’s vision for serving their search clients better, and how that has transformed 20 years later into what we now know as the Talent Magnet Institute, with Mike Jr. as Chief Executive. (1:40)

“Our R&D comes from an organization that serves organizations, that listens to organizations and serves people, most importantly.” Mike Sipple Jr. (13:16) 

Mike Sr. shares his pivotal experiences and lessons learned with leaders through the years who have had an impact on his own leadership style. (10:09, 19:37)

“We all influence others in our lives.” Mike Sipple Sr. (21:55) 

Mike Jr. shares what he has learned over the years in this work and why he is so passionate about helping leaders lead well. (23:03)  Listen now for key insights! 

“This isn’t about your identity tied into work.  This is about your identity as a human.” Mike Sipple, Jr. (13:50)

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