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Episode 119: Leadership Strategy and Balance During Change with Daniel Wachter

This week Mike discusses leadership strategy with Talent Magnet Institute Board Member and investor Daniel Wachter

Daniel shares his unique perspectives on leadership from the viewpoint of leading during a merger.  Mergers can be sticky territory for leaders.  Daniel’s conversation with Mike sheds light on the challenges and solutions that can be applied during times of change. They also discuss how these lessons are relevant to many situations leaders face today. 

Daniel tells us his best practices for maneuvering through transition that mergers naturally possess, such as: 

  • Navigating international regulations (1:56)
  • How to stay focused on growth during a merger (4:10)
  • Communicating change and merging two competing cultures into one (8:30)

Daniel tells Mike what he feels are a leader’s core responsibilities, especially during change. (10:44) 

LISTEN NOW for key strategies that lead to success in times of change.

Mike and Daniel discuss the value that the Talent Magnet Institute has provided for him and why he is so passionate about supporting its endeavors. (14:13)

“Business is people...With people comes the possibility, opportunity and necessity of leadership.”  Daniel Wachter (12:58) 

Daniel also has invested in the start up Innovation Girls.  Hear why he feels this is an important step to increase the amount of female leaders, and how Innovation Girls is creating that pipeline. (20:12)

Mike and Daniel share a sneak peek into Mike’s next conversation with Daniel coming in a few weeks.  Daniel’s passion for music inspired him to serve on the Board of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.  In his next episode, they discuss the power of the orchestra conductor and Daniel’s analogy for great leadership. (29:30)

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