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Episode 118: Extraordinary Leader Series with Don Frericks Part 2

This week, guest host Don Frericks kicks off his Extraordinary Leader series.  Don is a Faculty Member of the Talent Magnet Institute and author of Best Boss Ever.  In this episode he interviews Keith Hawk, an accomplished sales executive, public speaker and co-author with Michael Boland of the book Get Real Selling. This conversation is a must for anyone who aspires to lead well and really cares about people-centered business practices. 

Don and Keith review how Keith rose through the ranks of a large data management organization and what he feels contributed to his success at each level. (5:57)

“I think it’s important to constantly develop ourselves, our strengths, our skill, work on our weaknesses, understand what we’re good at...and then when opportunity arises be the kind of person that people want to work with.” Keith Hawk (8:13)

Keith shares his success tips about clarity and how that motivates people to do their best work. (10:21)

Keith also shares the one element of communication that will earn you more respect than anything else you do. (12:12) 

LISTEN NOW to find out what that is! 

Don and Keith discuss myths about being a leader (15:41) and how to navigate (and learn from) bad leaders. (17:29)

They also share a list of common denominators great leaders possess and how those aspects move business to greater heights.  He discusses details about these issues leaders face everyday: 

  • The power of being optimistic as a leader. Hear how to be optimistic without being unrealistic. (18:39)
  • His tried and true best practices for helping middle managers lead well. (27:45)
  • What to communicate and how to do it effectively. (28:48)

“It’s the duty of the leader to be in a good mood...I am in the optimism business.  It really is important for us always to see that there is another way to succeed.” 

Keith Hawk (24:59)

Keith shares his insight about leadership development and changing priorities in organizations in the new era of COVID-19, (36:02) as well as tips for leaders who want to continue their leadership journey even when budget cuts occur.  (42:54)

You can follow Keith on Twitter @DKHawk30.  Stay tuned for the next Extraordinary Leaders Episode with Don Frericks! 







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