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Episode 117: What It Takes To Be A Compassionate Leader with Alandes Powell

This week Mike talks with Alandes Powell, Vice President of Business Controls at Fifth Third Bank.  They discuss the key skills leaders need to manage people, and how to use these skills to transform business in the future. 

Alandes is passionate about helping leaders understand that people from different parts of the business will have different perspectives.  She shares key ideas about: 

  • How to ask the right questions to get the information you need to lead well (5:45)
  • How to be okay with not having all the answers (8:10)
  • Making mistakes and course-correcting as fast as possible (11:18)

Alandes says that leaders must create an environment that encourages people to raise their hand when they see something that doesn’t fit the company’s core values.  This is true courage in leadership.

“Leaders have to learn how to tell people what to do without telling them what to do, because we are all adults.  One way to do that is to be honest with people...about the decisions [you] are making and why [you] are making it.  Course correct when [you] do something wrong, but have the courage to do something.” 

Alandes Powell (11:18)

Alandes shares her mindset shifts every leader needs to consider to lead well in the future. (20:23) She calls leaders to action to build policies now that will guide their workforce to make sound, safe decisions about coming to work again. (26:29)

LISTEN NOW to hear her suggestions on how to make it happen and what to consider. 

In regards to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I), Alandes and Mike discuss how leaders can set a new precedence in their organizations while so much change is taking place.  For example, instead of cutting DE&I, think about how it can serve your organization on a broader scale.  In addition, leaders need to consider how their policies and structure line up with their core values. 

Alandes give leaders permission to make mistakes, and course-correct if they realize they made some decisions that don’t line up with their values. (41:18) “We’re going to get some things wrong.  We’re not perfect.  Even in a boardroom we are not perfect.” (41:28) 

When asked for any closing tips, Alandes says leaders need to acknowledge that  mid-level managers are the key to people-centered business. Educating them on how to be honest, transparent, uplifting, compassionate, and flexible will help everyone stay accountable to your organization’s overarching goals.  (43:26)

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