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Episode 115: Being the Best Boss Ever with Don Frericks-Part 1

This week Mike kicks off an upcoming series with long-time mentor and Talent Magnet Institute Faculty member Don Frericks. Don recently published his book, Best Boss Ever: The 5 Steps To Rapidly Develop Yourself Into The Leader Everyone Wants To Follow. 

Mike and Don begin this discussion with resources for leaders who’s organizations are wondering whether they should revise their leadership development initiatives.  (1:15)

Don shares his insights about: 

  • What qualities make some leaders irresistible to follow? 
  • How are leaders most effectively developed? 
  • What defines an extraordinary leader? (4:42)

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In this series with Don, 

  • Hear leaders’ stories and the qualities that consistently show up to make them stand out as extraordinary
  • What it takes to accelerate development
  • What the future of leadership development looks like, especially in times of crisis and challenge. (7:31)

Don also shares some practical tips from his book. (12:59) 

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