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Episode 114: Privilege In and Out of The Workplace: How CEO’s Can Level The Playing Field Through Awareness with Priya Klocek and Eugene Partridge

This week’s episode is very timely to the national conversation at large, even though it was recorded on May 5, 2020, three weeks before the unrest surrounding the death of George Floyd.  

Mike has an insightful conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) with Talent Magnet Institute Faculty member Priya Klocek and Eugene Partridge, Director of Procurement Operations for Paycor.  They discuss: 

  • Acknowledgment of  privilege without guilt
  • Definitions of Inclusion and Equity
  • Using the advantage of a quickly changing environment to uplevel DE&I priorities

This is another MUST episode for anyone who wants to lead well in relationships, work, community and life.  Listen NOW! 

Mike, Eugene and Priya start the conversation by calling on organizational leaders to have conversations with their workforce so everyone can perform at their highest ability and feel supported. (6:39)

Eugene shares his insights about the challenges that people face while working from home, for example, something as simple as a space to work like a home office. (8:43)  Priya reinforces his points by calling out the things many people have taken for granted. (11:07) She shares a story about a recent trip to the grocery store that had a profound effect on her awareness of privilege. (12:19) Listen to her story NOW!

Mike asks Eugene and Priya how leaders can take the lessons from the current pandemic crisis, to create change and advance the betterment of all people. Priya says, “Stereotypes are being rewritten” (16:12) and urges leaders to be more aware about the assumptions that they make. (46:26)  Listen to her insights NOW!  

“We are changing the narrative as we are moving forward...we’ve changed under stress, but as the stress starts to pull back, are we going to go back to the old things? Or, or are we going to truly stick with the new behavior, policies, procedures, to see the value they are bringing to the table.”  Priya Klocek (18:25)

Eugene challenges leaders to become “change agents,” to commit to pulling the best out of their talent. He calls on them to consider their unconscious biases while recruiting, and take time to plan for more effective DE&I on all levels of business. (27:01, 42:18)

“Thirty-three percent of hiring managers know if they are going to hire you within the first 90 seconds of the conversation.” Eugene Partridge (49:58)

Eugene asks leaders to address how bias and the idea of “culture fit” is inadvertently homogenizing their workforce. He shares insight about the value diversity of thought brings to an organization. (51:04)

Mike, Eugene and Priya ask, “How are you going to pivot” when DE&I becomes essential to all dimensions of the future of work? 

Listen NOW! If you’d like to talk to Mike about how you can address DE&I thoughtfully, send him a message via Speakpipe!  Click here







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