The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 112: A Call to Action from Mike for Change

In this extended introduction for Episode 113, in light of the racial violence that is happening at the time of this airing, Mike speaks up and calls on leaders step up to true leadership.  

He says, “The Talent Magnet Institute is all about listening to people, asking the questions, seeking to understand and provide meaningful voice to those individuals, and ALL individuals in your organization.” (3:44)

Mike provides tips like, “Listen.  If you don’t understand, ask a clarifying question.  If you still don’t understand it, ask another clarifying question.”  Be curious about the experience your workforce has at work and in the community at large.  (4:40)

Mike reflects on his conversation with legendary Reds baseball player Chuck Harmon. He interviewed Mr. Harmon for a high school research paper.  Mike reflects about the emotional exchange and the insights Mr. Harmon shared about the unique path people of color walk, to which most white people are oblivious.  (9:20)

Mike asks, How can you as a leader take action and create change in your relationships, work, community and life NOW? (13:34)

Mike shares details of a crucial conversation with a colleague about the difference between “All Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter.”  (14:51)  Listen NOW to gain a deeper understanding. 

Mike closes with a call to leaders to step forward, have tough conversations, ask uncomfortable questions, and be a resource for change.  It starts with you.


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