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Episode 111: Developing Your Future State Using Effective Conversations With Becky Scheeler

This week Mike discusses real life communication issues of leaders all over the world and their impact on business with Becky Scheeler, Executive Vice President at Centennial, Inc.

Becky imparts a lot of wisdom in this episode, so be sure to listen NOW! 

Early on, Becky says: “leaders really need to communicate in a very clear, concise way,” always keeping the end goal in mind.  (3:03)  She implores leaders to ask, “What do I want my audience to walk away from this [conversation] with?” (4:07)

She shares the DO’s of communication (3:27), and the DON’Ts, too. (6:53)

Mike and Becky both understand the pressures and mindset of leaders well, and know that they have to be working many months and years in the future, beyond where their managers may be.  Becky offers highly effective communication tactics leaders can do to take to keep the vision and help everyone in the organization moving in the same direction. (15:39)

Other nuggets of wisdom include: 

  • Why questions are a leader’s most powerful tool (21:31)
  • Tactics to stay in “growth mindset” while responding to constant change (24:21) 
  • What leaders can do at any level of an organization when your culture doesn’t embrace transparency and authenticity (26:42, 44:09)
  • 3 relationship processes that have proven successful through the years (28:09)

Mike and Becky agree that what, how and when leaders communicate is key to a successful talent cycle and overall engaged culture.  

“So many organizations see turnover, and if they would just ask questions to understand why...they would change workflows...and they may offer benefits differently to actually help their people be successful, not just in work, but in life, too.” (35:56) Mike Sipple, Jr. 

Mike shares reflections from a recent company-wide meeting where his dad, Mike Sr., imparted his lessons about economic downturns.  Based on past experience, he says this is what we should expect in the next 3 years. (36:54)

Mike and Becky have had the privilege of talking to leaders around the world.  Mike shares the common denominators in these conversations from a wide array of industries.  (41:45)

Finally, Becky shares her key tips for leaders. (53:38) LISTEN NOW! 

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