The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 110: Workforce Support and The Vitality of Your Organization, With Shannon Starkey-Taylor and Jordan Huizenga From Learning Grove

This week Mike invites two local leaders to discuss the importance of early childhood education and childcare in talent retention and the talent lifecycle.  This conversation includes tactical concepts for leaders.  Shannon Starkey-Taylor is the CEO of Learning Grove (formerly Children, Inc., which recently merged with Cincinnati Early Learning Centers, Inc.) and Jordan Huizenga is the Vice President of Development. 

Learn about what your organization can do to help non-profits in innovative ways. It’s not always about writing a check. (9:00) 


Mike explains how the ripple effect of the ever-changing manufacturing landscape affects talent needs, and its direct association with childcare accessibility.  (17:39)

“Now is when your core values and culture shows up.” 

Mike Sipple, Jr. (19:03)

In their discussion about what kids need right now, Shannon offers 5 tips for parents working from home, the value of teachers right now, as well as how and why to incorporate that connection in a virtual world. (19:58)

The discussion switches gears to focus on what leaders can do to lead well, support their talent in general, and support those who have children.  They discuss:

  • Ways to communicate proactively and encouraging the use of Employee Assistance Programs (27:25)
  • Suggestions for retention in high-turnover industries, especially for talent that might earn more money on “turbo-charged” unemployment (36:59)
  • The importance of organizations supporting early childhood education (45:54)
  • What employers need to know about childcare Policy that they probably don’t know (46:25)








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