The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 109: Maintaining a Healthy Mindset During Rapid Change and Crisis with Paul Heagen

This week Mike discusses mindset strategies with Executive Coach and author Paul Heagen.  They discuss: 

  • How to find middle ground between optimism and pessimism (2:09) 
  • Taking advantage of unique opportunities for self-reflection (10:04)
  • Re-defining your leadership legacy (23:33)

Listen NOW for inspiration about how the pandemic can reshape your perspective as a leader!

Paul shares his insight about embracing the downshift in work.  He says, “Embrace silence and quiet...when you are comfortable in the quiet you are comfortable with yourself.” (9:29)  He admits many of his clients have a difficult time being still, but he shares the unique benefits this simple practice offers, especially to leaders.  

Paul and Mike discuss the key, heart-centered aspects every leader should embrace independent of what is going on around them. (13:59)

“The best way for somebody to be a great leader is first to be a better person.” 

Paul Heagen (15:11)

Paul also shares a very effective technique he uses to help leaders sort stressors to ease intense feelings of pressure. (19:04)

Mike and Paul wrap up with tips on how to maximize the unique opportunities leaders are currently presented to change how they work, and work better moving forward. (27:20)

Hear their tips and insight NOW! 










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