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Episode 108: The Role of Leadership: Business and Mental Health with Mike Glen

This week Mike talks to Mike Glen, Vice President of Business Development for The Lindner Center For Hope, about what leaders can do to transform the conversation regarding mental health.

Hear how and why Mike G. left the construction industry to pursue mental health education and advocacy. (2:57)

Mike G. shares specific key points leaders can do to eliminate the stigma of mental health and why it makes good business sense, such as: 

  • What a long-term communication plan looks like (6:23)
  • The importance of being proactive (13:02)
  • Examples of how “Start The Conversation” initiative has changed organizations (14:45)

Mike G. helps listeners understand the complicated role mental health plays in insurance claims on the employer end, as well as culture barriers on the employee side. (24:08)  For example: 

  • Mike G. shows how proactive investments in programs that bring mental health out of the shadows pay in the long run. (25:46)
  • An example of a hospitalization due to a broken leg versus a manic episode has economic ramifications on multiple fronts. (28:28)

“Leaders don’t even know that this is going on.” (29:12) Mike Glen

Mike and Mike G. discuss ways to reach out in a compassionate way to people (33:33) and offer key tips for self care during the pandemic.  (39:24)

Hear the 3 recommendations Mike G. offers for staying upbeat during the pandemic crisis (43:25) and the 1 practice you should incorporate into your daily routine. (46:10)

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