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Episode 107: Managing Risk in Crisis Mode with Jonathan Theders

This week Mike discusses risk management with Jonathan Theders, CEO of RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders, an independent insurance agency specializing in helping businesses.  

Mike and Jonathan discuss the myriad of issues so many businesses and leaders are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some key touch points they discuss in detail are:

  • Keeping employees safe and compliant as states reopen, or as essential businesses (7:01)
  • Employee privacy policies and procedures regarding employees who get sick and controlling spread (13:15)
  • Developing a crisis plan (16:59)
  • Maintaining culture in a virtual world (19:10)

“Culture is still made up of the thousands of interactions you have each day.” (23:05)

Mike and Jonathan share their best practices for: 

  • Controlling overwhelm (28:30)
  • Minimizing risk related to worker’s comp (29:55)
  • Inspiring creative, outside-the-box thought and staying optimistic

“Remain informed but don’t obsess.” (39:19)

Find out which XM station keeps Jonathan upbeat (39:32), and how he and Mike incorporate gratitude into their virtual connections. (40:10)

Finally, Jonathan shares his best guess about how the pandemic will affect the insurance industry. (42:22)

More resources: 

RiskSOURCE COVID-19 Resource Page

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