The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 106: Communicating Change Effectively and Compassionately with Mike Glenn

This week Mike discusses how we view and react to change with Talent Magnet Institute Faculty member and the “Master of Organizational Development” Michael Glenn

This short but jam-packed episode inspires any leader to change the way they think about change. 

They jump right in with a deep discussion about change and transition with an experiment. (1:58)

Mike G. shares how we can move through change physically and emotionally.  He emphasizes two factors to remember to get through transitions successfully.  (3:15)

A key in today’s business landscape is how effectively leaders communicate change.  Mike G. shares: 

  • His insights as a consultant and expert in helping organizations through effective change,
  • A story that transformed the way he views organizational change, and
  • A format for communicating a compelling case for change.  (9:06)

Mike G. shows us how the process can fall apart or come together with one simple question. (13:12)

LISTEN NOW to find out what that is! 

They close by sharing another nugget of wisdom for success in all transitions that occur in life and business: The key to success as a leader is the awareness that everyone has different perspectives about, and responds at different rates to change and transition. (16:17) 

This podcast has a companion slideshow that can be viewed by clicking here








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